Pest Control Services

Your Maryland Heights, Missouri, outdoor space improves your home's curb appeal and provides your family with a favored space for gathering and entertaining. However, if common yard pests damage your grass, your lawn's health and beauty will quickly dwindle. Early prevention is key for ridding your lawn of common insects and pests. When you contact Green Envy for pest control services, you can relax knowing that our experienced team will use a combination of professional methods to keep your lawn pest-free.

Types of Pests and Their Control

Some of the most common pests affecting lawns in the mid-Missouri area include chinchbugs, crane flies, fleas, ticks, armyworms, webworms, and billbugs. These pests feed on your grass and the leaves of shrubs and trees, stealing their nutrients and causing them to wilt, become discolored, and die. Carefully timed treatments throughout the spring, summer, and fall will rid your property of these pests, keeping your grass and leaves lush and green.

Depending on your pest control needs and the insects inhabiting your lawn, our pest control team may adopt a variety of treatments to get nuisance pests under control. Ridding your lawn of pests and keeping them away may require chemical treatments, biological controls, or physical barriers and exclusion.

Treatment Application

Treatment applications are often the best way to address active infestations. Our experienced lawn technicians will apply these treatments safely, and you'll be informed of any instructions you should follow during and after treatment.

Physical Barriers and Exclusion

Without the right controls, outdoor pests can quickly become indoor pests. Physical barriers and exclusion tactics seal off entry points to keep insects and rodents from entering your home or business.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pest Control Services

Many property owners take measures to attempt to control pests on their own. However, without professional education and expertise, these efforts can fall short. Key benefits of professional pest control include:

  • Professional expertise and knowledge: Our pest control experts undergo substantial education and training to learn how to identify and treat common pest insect infestations.
  • Ensuring safe and effective pest control measures: When used improperly, the chemicals used to treat pests can be dangerous to people and animals. Pest control specialists have the professional tools and knowledge to safely rid your lawn of pests without endangering your property, pets, or people.
  • Long-term prevention and pest management: One-time treatments are often ineffective for controlling an ongoing pest issue. Common lawn pests breed in local areas and infiltrate properties over and over again. Professional pest control specialists have the local expertise and education to target the source of pest infestations and permanently keep them under control.

Experience Superior Pest Control with Green Envy Lawn Care

At Green Envy, it's our goal to help local residents develop attractive outdoor spaces that bring them joy. Our pest control services are designed to provide long-term solutions for common pest issues that diminish your lawn's health and interrupt grass and plant growth. The result is a lush green lawn that will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.

If your grass is discolored, patchy, or failing to grow, common lawn pests could be the problem. Without the proper pest control methods, insects can quickly take over your lawn, leaving only bare dirt behind. Don't let nuisance lawn pests ruin your lawn this season. Get in touch with the pest control experts at Green Envy to learn more about our pest control services.


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