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Grub Control

Green Envy knows that grubs can be a huge problem in Missouri. We offer a grub treatment which controls grubs from feeding on the root zone of the turf grass. When we apply it in the late spring it will stop grubs from damaging the turf in late summer and early fall. This is when grubs feed the heaviest.

We guarantee control of grubs keeping them from damaging turf. If grubs continue to be a problem we will retreat at no charge and repair any damage they have caused to the turf.


Lime helps neutralize acid in the soil by adding calcium. If your soil is too sour and has slipped out of the ph zone that keeps your grass happy and healthy, lime will sweeten it up again.

The best time to apply lime is in spring or fall. If you are starting a lawn from dirt, anytime is fine. When lime is applied to your lawn, it is very difficult to see due to being brown in color. When lime is applied a heavy watering will insure the best results.


Nuisance Pest Control

Green Envy's Nuisance Pest Control treatment is great for the customers that have pets. We understand that pets are a big part of your family. The Nuisance Pest Control application will help prevent these insects from being a problem to you and your pets. The application also will control many other surface feeding insects that can damage your lawn like sod webworms, chinch bugs, mites, and spiders.

This treatment should be applied 3 times a year at selective times. Call Today.

Aeration and Seeding

After most summers in Missouri your lawn begins to thin out. Fall aeration and seeding is a quick and cost effective way to help thicken the turf. Autumn is the best for repairing the lawn due to the weather and the amount of time necessary for new grass to mature. During aeration we will over seed the lawn. This will promote new growth and help alleviate compaction.

Watering each day for the recommended time will keep the seed moist and ensure proper germination. In addition to aerating and seeding, starter fertilizer and lime are recommended for greater results.

*We are not be responsible for any underground pipes/lines, etc.



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