Green Envy Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Testimonials

“I have had bare areas on my hill and sides of my home for 40 years with no luck growing grass. Now those areas are a thick as can be and I am so very happy with your hard work.”

Dennis S. in Crestwood.

“Mike is the best, and I mean the best lawn guy I have ever had out to my house. He knocked on my door, took time to talk to me in extreme heat and made sure to close my gate. He was very nice to talk with.”

Jim T. in O’Fallon

“Green Envy is doing a great job on my lawn. Even with a drought and 100 plus degree weather, my lawn is the best on the block. I live on the corner so everyone drives past my home and sees a green, weed free lawn. Thanks to your information I now know why my front lawn is always looking better than the back during summer. There is no shade in the back lawn. Thanks again for your worthwhile service!”

Mr. Z. in O’Fallon

“I just wanted to say that Josh (Bruce) and Brandon have been total delights. Josh has taken my poor excuse of a lawn on as a special project, which is probably the only hope we have. Furthermore Brandon has been so nice and explained to me exactly how to use my sprinkler correctly. We can see how you are the best lawn care in town!”

Cindy A. in Saint Charles

“The best advice I ever got for my lawn got was when D.J. told me to mow at 3”. I own a John Deere that shows how high I am cutting, and even the HVAC service man has complemented me on my lawn. I also wanted to thank the office staff, who explained how to water properly and directed me to your website. I was watering almost two hours per section and wasting my money. Thank you for the advice and great service.”

Art W. in Florissant

“Eric Stone was very knowledgeable, and I am very happy with the information I received from him.”

Ken B. in St. Charles

“I was home once again when Brandon came to treat our lawn. We are new customers. Even though he writes out a complete summary of what he did, he still takes the time to explain everything to me and ask if I have any questions. He appears to treat our lawn as if it was his own and we really appreciate it.”

Kathy R. in St. Charles

“Thank you to Jay for just stopping by and treating weeds, at no extra charge!”

Calvin S. in Crestwood

“Thank you very much for taking such good care of my lawn. I have referred my friends and family to you. Please don’t become a “big company” like some of these companies who care more about how many lawns they can do in one day with the least amount of product, rather than caring about the health and look of the lawns you service. In other words, keep doing what you are doing, and maintain that “Mom and Pop” business approach.”

Jesse B. in St. Peters

“To my surprise, George found my $40 that I lost when getting into my car. When I returned home, my invoice was on my door handle and the two twenty dollar bills. It is nice to know that you employ trustworthy employees. All I can say is George, I owe you a twelve pack of beer of your choice! The yard also looks great!”

Doug & Debbie W. in FLorissant

“I just wanted to let you know, the fall aeration and seeding that was done made a huge difference! It was like night and day. Thank you so much!”

Kevin H. in Mehlville

“Specialist D.J. Werkmeister was very courteous and seemed to be very efficient. He let me know that he had arrived, and what he will be doing to my yard that day. I appreciate the small amount of time it takes to ring my door bell and let me know that they are here to put down my application.”

Nina Dobbs in St. Peters

“We had a party last Sunday and received lots of compliments on the lawn. We will be sending you referrals.”

Bill & Michelle E. in St. Peters

“The technician took the time to explain lawn conditions, and did a great job on the lawn.”

Bruce Chumley in St. Charles

“The yard looks SO much better than when TruGreen cared for it. Thanks for great customer service and attention to detail.”

Doug & Debbie W. in Florissant

“Thank you! My crazy yard looks a lot less crazy now thanks to Green Envy! Now When I look at my yard, I do not go crazy! Great job, and great customer service!”

Paula R. in Florissant

“You are doing a fabulous job on our property!”

Neil & Marsha S. in Saint Charles