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Green Envy Lawn Program

  • Early spring: At this time of year lawns are slowly coming out of dormancy from the winter. The early spring visit is designed to help your lawn recover from winter stress. This application will give your lawn an early spring green up and help prevent crabgrass with a pre-emergent.
  • Spring: This visit is very important and contains a balanced feeding that will promote color and growth. This visit has another dose of pre-emergent to help prevent crabgrass. You will start noticing that weeds are popping up as the temperature rises. At this time your broadleaf weeds will be treated weather permitting.
  • Late Spring/Early Summer: The balanced fertilizer used in this visit will help thicken the turf and make it stronger to help prevent summer diseases. This is also the best time to apply a preventive grub control treatment. Grubs do their damage at the end of summer so be ready! Weeds can still be a problem at this time so weed control is used for your broadleaf weeds.
  • Summer: Even though it is hot and may be dry your lawn still needs to be fed. During this visit the lawn will be checked for drought, diseases and insects. A time released fertilizer will be applied as needed to feed the lawn. Nutsedge (water grass) and other summer weeds will be treated as they can be a problem during the summer heat. You will be notified of any potential problems that could occur.
  • Late Summer/Early fall: Your lawn should slowly be recovering from the heat of summer as the weather gets cooler. A balanced feeding at this time is very important to help the lawn recover from summer stress. Grubs do the most damage in this area at this time, so your lawn will be checked thoroughly. Weeds are not out of the picture yet, so broadleaf weed control will be applied as needed.
  • Fall: As the lawn is recovering it will need another good feeding to build the lawn back up. Fall is also the best time to start repairing the lawn. Aerating and seeding is one of the best ways to help thicken the lawn. Cool weather weeds can start to be a problem. A weed control will be applied as weather permits.
  • Winter: This is the time where your lawn starts shutting down and going dormant. Your lawn will need a heavy feeding for the winter. Our visit is designed to feed your lawn through the winter, give nutrients to the roots and help promote an early spring green up.